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China reveals its political strategy in a white paper

"We will not attack unless we are attacked"

After China's statements on July 16 not to find reasons for participating in the Geneva nuclear meeting (see AVIONEWS), Beijing revealed its nuclear strategy and the size of its army in a white paper entitled "China's National Defense in the New Era". The dossier come out  on Thursday, July 25th and  it has been released in 8 languages. it specifies on the nuclear issue that China "is always committed" in a policy of "not using nuclear weapons first in any case and under any circumstances and do not want to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against states without nuclear weapons or areas without nuclear weapons without any conditions".

The principle of Beijing could be summarized in the sentence "We will not attack if we are not attacked, but we will certainly react if we are attacked". The text specifies that the country will never seek expansion by recalling that in the last 70 years, it has not waged any war, but it's going to continue to increase the military forces to protect its security.

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