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North Korea: two more missiles to warn Seoul

From Wonsan to "the East Sea"

Kim Jong Un launched two more short-range balistic missiles from the Kalma area near Wonsan towards the "East Sea", the name with which the South Koreans identify the Mar of Japan, less than a week after what North Korea has called a "show of force" towards South Korea and a "response" to the joint military maneuvers of Seoul and the United States scheduled for August (see AVIONEWS).

According to the South Korean Committee of Chiefs of Staff, armaments have travelled 250 km and reached an altitude of 30 km, despite of the meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump of last June 30 and ended with the promise to resume the dialogue on denuclearization. Trump thought having the situation under his control: the president of the United States last Friday had downplayed the extent of the dangerousness of the launches of the past days: "They are short-range missiles, so many cowntry have them, they are absolutely standard".

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff of Seoul calls for a truce and said in a note: "We demand the end of these actions".

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