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Incidents between aircraft and drones in the UK increased

A study by the "Times" mostly at the Heathrow Airport

According to a research conducted in the United Kingdom by the "Times" and published on August 3, incidents and potential collisions between drones and airplanes were reported at a rate of almost three a week and at least a third of these occurred at the airport of Heathrow, seven in Gatwick and others at the airports of Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, London City and Birmingham (see AVIONEWS). Last year, 139 missed incidents in drones and planes were reported, with a 23% increase in one year and frequently caused by enthusiasts trying to shoot close-up shots of planes taking off or landing. Among the missed incidents of last year in Great Britain, we recall the emergency landing in December at Glasgow Airport of an Embraer E-175 plane with 90 passengers, or the case of April with a drone that came to touch the tip of the wing of an A-319 that was about to land at Liverpool's "John Lennon" airport. Panic also for the pilots of the private planes: always in April a big drone had approached the point to crash against the windshield of a light aircraft model "Beechcraft Duchess" that was flying over the city of Reading. The pilot declared: "The risk of collision was high and I was very scared. If the plane had been a little lower or the drone a little higher would have impacted the nose or the windshield of the plane".

A spokesman for Heathrow airport said: "Using a drone near an airport is an illegal and reckless act. Heathrow has invested significantly in the most advanced technologies to improve our ability to detect drones at the airport" . A representative of the civil aviation authority also warned: "It is illegal to fly drones near airports without permission and anyone who violates the rules may be subject to severe penalties, including imprisonment. Anyone who uses a drone must do so responsible and comply with all relevant rules and regulations".

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