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India conquers the Moon

The "Chandrayaan-2" space probe has entered the lunar orbit - VIDEO

This morning, on August 20, after a month of space flight (see AVIONEWS) at 9:02 local time, the Indian space probe "Chandrayaan-2" was inserted into the lunar orbit. On September 7, if the mission will be successful, the probe will make its landing on the Moon. Today's passage was important and delicate: if the probe had approached the Moon too quickly, it would have jumped and then lost itself in space, while if it had come too slowly the gravity of the Satellite would have damaged it. The aims of the mission are to collect samples, perform topographical studies and analyze the lunar composition.

Below, a video about the "Chandrayaan-2" probe entering orbit:

RC3 - 1223736

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency