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"Stardust" in Antarctica

Discovered in the snow by Munich researchers

Identified by the researchers of the technical University of Munich "stardust" in Antarctica: from a supernova to the snow, the poetic vision of white of the Universe and the white of the Earth. 500 kilos of analyzed snow in Germany have revealed the composition between space and Earth that makes one think of the verses of Emily Dickinson: "The sky is low [...] a travelling flake of snow  [...] Nature, like us, is sometimes caught".

The nuclear physicist Dominik Koll of the Australian National University explained that the discovery took place by examining the snow with a mass spectrometer that revealed traces of "Iron-60", a radioactive isotope that came directly from the space generated by a supernova explosion, not close enough to kill us but not too far away for its effects to be diluted in space.

This also gives us the image of a secular miracle born of the combination of events held together thanks to delicate balances.

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