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Russia: "Okhotnik" drone aircraft delivered to forces in 2025

Declaration made during "Maks-2019" - VIDEO

Today, on August 28th, Russian Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov's press office stated at the International Aerospace Exhibition "Maks-2019" (see AVIONEWS) that Russia will begin delivering "Okhotnik" model military drone aircraft to troops in 2025 (see AVIONEWS).

The "Okhotnik" (which from the Russian translates into Italian as "the hunter") will act as a basic platform for the transport of advanced weapons, reconnaissance systems and other equipment that will allow the aircraft to constantly expand its functional capabilities.

Officially shown for the first time during the international "Army-2019" event in Moscow at the end of June (see AVIONEWS), the unmanned aircraft is equipped with "stealth" technology, has an anti-radar coating, no tail, a take-off weight of 20 tons, a jet engine and is able to develop a speed of about 1000 km for hour.

Below, the video by the Russian Ministry of Defence about "Okhotnik":

RC3 - 1223932

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency