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8 asteroids will "touch" today the Earth

The celestial bodies have not increased, but now we can see them better

Today on September 9 a group of eight asteroids will "touch" the Earth, but only two of these are considered "potentially dangerous": to be classified as such they must pass at a distance less than seven and a half kilometers from our planet. The other six asteroids, on the other hand, are more than 30 million kilometers apart.

The arrival of the space rock "2006QV89" which was expected today, according to new calculations has been moved to September 27 at a distance of 6.9 million kilometers which corresponds to 18 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

From the frequency of the news given with respect to the "approaches" of celestial bodies one might think they have increased. In reality, as explained by the astrophysicist of "Virtual telescope" Gianluca Masi, today we have more tools to be able to see them, but the quantity and frequency of cosmic rocks in transit remains the same.

The Nasa and Esa researchers will meet in Rome this week, from September 11st to 13rd, for the Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (or AIDA) project, which aims to divert planetoids into the Space.

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