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Japan: fire on the space launch pad

Interruption of the supply mission for the crew ISS - VIDEO

In Japan, a fire broke out on the launch pad of the Tanegashima Island space base: this forced the interruption of a refuelling mission that involved the launch of the rocket called "White Stork" (also known as "Kounotori 8" or "HTV-8") at the International Space Station (ISS), destined to deliver about 5.3 tonnes of supplies to the astronauts including food, water, batteries and devices needed for experiments.

A spokesman for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has announced that a new date has not been made official yet for the next take-off, but NASA has declared that the crew is safe and still well stocked with supplies. The unmanned spacecraft would reach its destination by September 14th, then the supply container would be filled with garbage, it'll be detached and finally burned when it will return to the atmosphere.

Below, a video about "Kounotori 8":


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