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Triangle between the two Koreas and the USA

Talks could resume in a few weeks

Today, on September 16, Pyongyang declared that talks with Washington could resume in "a few weeks", but said it would not consider dropping its nuclear weapons unless obstacles threatened the security of the system and prevent Korean development from being completely removed.

Already on September 9, North Korea affirmed its intention to resume the dialogue with the United States at the end of the month, only if Washington presented itself at the negotiating table with new satisfactory proposals regarding the relief of US sanctions in exchange for Korean disarmament measures.

Negotiations between Washington and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea broke off with the last February summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump in Hanoi, Vietnam (see AVIONEWS). Since then, North Korea has expressed its disappointment through a bellicose policy that has manifested itself through a flurry of missile tests following joint military exercises between the Americans and South Korea, indicated by Pyongyang a violation of the agreements (see AVIONEWS).

Last week the South Korean President Moon Jae-in proclaimed that the negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang will resume "soon" but does not clarify either when or where: "Our government will make everything possible to stabilize the peace on the Korean peninsula".

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