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Russia: Putin suggests purchase S-400 from Saudi Arabia

The Russian president quotes the Koran and calls for mercy

Following the drone aircraft attacks of Yemeni Houthi rebels to the plants that brought Saudi Arabia bring down (see AVIONEWS), Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested, on September 16, to the largest Arab state in Western Asia, to buy the Russian S-400 or S-300 anti-aircraft weapon systems and follow the example of the Turkish authorities.

The Moscow leader also quoted the Koran saying that in the Islamic holy text there is talk of the inadmissibility of any violent act except defense and added: "Remember the mercy of Allah. Once you were enemies, Allah made peace with your hearts and made you brothers. We are ready to provide adequate assistance to Saudi Arabia, to defend its people, their country".

Meanwhile, despite Iran denying any involvement in the attacks, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explicitly accused Iran of conducting this operation.

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency