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Saudi Arabia and the US do not believe in Iran

Europe and China: without maximum moderation evidence

Although Iran has denied its involvement in the attacks on oil tankers in Saudi Arabia (see AVIONEWS), both the United States and Riyad are not at all convinced: according to the "Wall Street Journal" the CIA -Central Intelligence Agency- drone aircraft would have been sent from Tehran. Also the official spokesman of the coalition forces engaged in Yemen Turki bin Saleh Al-Malki would have said that they would be Iranian weapons and that the UAS -Unmanned Aerial System- would not launched from San'a '.

On September 16th President Trump said on Tweet: "They have already lied about the downed drone, we'll see if they tell the truth about the attack in Saudi Arabia".

Meanwhile, Russia urges to avoid hasty conclusions and has offered to support Saudi Arabia by providing its S-300 systems to combat enemy aircraft and missiles (see AVIONEWS).

Europe and China have told America that without a conclusive verdict and actual evidence they should show "maximum moderation".

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