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Libya: Mitiga airport was bombed

Tripoli scares the international community

On September 17, drone aircraft bombed Mitiga international airport in Tripoli, which had been closed for 15 days due to continued attacks by the forces of General Khalīfa Belqāsim Haftar. All civil air traffic has been diverted to Misrata.

Even the troops of Fayez al Sarraj in recent days have violently hit the LNA (Libyan National Army) at the airport of Tripoli and at Qasr Ben Ghashir.
A condition that becomes increasingly incandescent and war scares the entire international community.

During the Second World War Libya was an Italian colony, subsequently it came under the control of France and the United Kingdom, then reach the independence in 1952 with the birth of the monarchy "kingdom of Libya" which ended in 1969 with the coup of Gaddafi who started a dictatorship until 2011: NATO intervened and the colonel was killed by the rebels during the "Arab Spring".

After a period of strong instability that seemed to resolve with free elections in 2012, General Khalifa Haftar carried out a real coup d'état opposed by the Islamist militias that started the clashes until the birth of two separate governments in Tripoli and Tobruk.

The UN intervened in 2015 to try to form a new government that could restore national unity with Fayez al Sarraj as prime minister and leader of the Libyan presidential council.

However, the State continued to be divided in half: on one side the government of Tobruk with Haftar and on the other one local groups and ISIS control some territories.

While United Arab Emirates and Egypt support Haftar, Turkey and Qatar have joined al Sarraj.

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