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American Airlines plane tamper, Isis video found in his cell phone

There are currently no charges of terrorism

A video of ISIS found in the cell phone of the American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a plane in Miami this July.
The man was accused of having tampered with the data module of the aircraft that was put out of service shortly before taking off and forced 150 passengers to get off the aircraft. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani claimed to have been motivated to perform the gesture because he was dissatisfied with the employment contract and hoped that the mechanical problem could turn into overtime and thus into a higher salary.

The federal court prosecutor, however, during the hearing held on September 17, claims that Alani would have downloaded a terrorist Islamic State propaganda video, sent it to anonymous people and confided to his colleagues in work his brother was involved in Isis.

He had told his roommate that he had travelled to Iraq earlier this year following the abduction of his brother and would also have transferred USD 700 to an unidentified recipient.

It would appear that in Alani's cell phone there was also an article regarding the accident of Lion Air's flight 610, which crashed near the coasts of Indonesia in October 2018 and 189 passengers died. The incident news contained specific data on the flight speed control system, the target of its tampering. Right now the man is only facing charges related to damaging the American Airlines jet, but he is not currently responsible for the crime of terrorism.

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