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Rearmament of a Russian regiment with Su-34 aircraft completed

Arrived today from Novosibirsk

Today, Russian commander Alexander Lapin announced that a Moscow aviation regiment in the Chelyabinsk region of the Urals has completed its rearmament with fourth-generation Sukhoi Su-34 fighter jets, which arrived at Shchagol airport from Novosibirsk.

The flight and ground personnel who will operate the aircraft have been trained at the Lipetsk state aviation training center and have already received all the necessary certificates.

The first Su-34 aircraft arrived at the central military district in 2018 and since this date twenty-four airplanes come.

The Sukhoi Su-34 (codename Nato: "Fullback", also called "Platypus" and "Hellduck") is a fourth-generation fighter, two-seat, twin-time, supersonic, medium-haul, designed by the company Russian in the late eighties, to replace the Su-24. It is a modified and specialized version of the Su-27 produced in Novosibirsk, designed for tactical use, aerial reconnaissance and bombing, against aerial, land targets and naval, in solo or group missions, day and night, regardless of favorable or adverse weather conditions. The Su-34 has a range of 4000 km, can develop a maximum speed of 1900 km for hour and it is in capable of carrying a payload of up to 8 tons.

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