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Aircraft in "scramble" mode at the Russian border

The Defense Ministry denounces continuous interception flights

According to news reported today by "Tass", Moscow's Defense Miinistry said that several fighter jets departed in "scramble" mode 27 times last week to avoid violations of Russian airspace. 42 aircraft of different Nations would have conducted reconnaissance flights near the Russian borders.

Also the week before the Ministry of Defense had declared that the Russian fighters had carried out at least 20 rapid take-offs of interception in the preceding days. On October 2, the same dicastery had denied allegations of alleged new tests of Russian air defense systems S-500 in Syria and on September 30 the fourth anniversary of the anti-terrorist operation conducted by the Russian armed forces in Damascus.

Among the most advanced Russian fighter jets, we remember the Sukhoi Su-57: also known as PFA or even as T-50, it is a fifth generation multirole fighter prototype with stealth features developed by the homonymous Russian company (see AVIONEWS).

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