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Rogozin (Roscosmos): no foreign alternative to Soyuz

"The Russian spacecraft remains the only one to bring manned missions into orbit"

"At the moment, Soyuz remains the only spacecraft to bring manned missions into orbit", said the general director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, to Riyad journalists yesterday, according to reports in the Russian press taken from the federal agency of air transport Rosaviatsia. The General Director accompanied Russian President Vladimir Putin on his State visit to Saudi Arabia.

"A year ago everyone said that Roscosmos would lose its monopoly on manned space missions, but we are still here. Spacecraft projects with humans are a serious matter and safety must come first. Neither Boeing nor SpaceX have so far been successful in this regard, that is why there is still no alternative to Soyuz", Rogozin continued adding: "Roscosmos is ready to offer the shuttle to those Countries that will have the determination and the money to pursue space missions, also jointly with Russia". The Director General is visiting today the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the hope of finding in Abu Dhabi's Government the will to extend mutual cooperation in the sector. On  October 3 the first EAU astronaut (the third citizen of an Arab Nation in space), Hazza Al Mansouri, was brought back to Earth by the International Space Station (ISS), aboard the Soyuz MS-12 shuttle (see AVIONEWS).

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