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Mattarella-Trump meeting: "Relations with Italy are excellent"

Confirmed program F-35 aircraft and discussion about duties

The meeting took place yesterday between the Italian head of the State Sergio Mattarella and the leader of the United States Donald Trump.

The US president affirmed that the Italian complaints will be carefully evaluated regarding an excessive penalization of the duties for Airbus (see AVIONEWS) and said: "We do not want to be hard on Italy, the relationships are excellent, they have never been so good".

As for the question of the F-35 planes, which has always been opposed by the "Movimento 5 Stelle", Trump said: "Italy has just purchased 90 brand new F-35s. The program is very good".

Mattarella explained: "I hope it is possible to find a collaborative comparison that avoids retaliation. And we must look for it immediately. Italy remains the fifth NATO contributor and the second in military terms after the US. Italy is the country that more than all provide its military for NATO missions. The United States is not only a fundamental ally but also a Country with which it shares a democratic path and recognizes itself in the same values. Italy's international vision is based on the pillar of the Atlantic alliance to which was joined by European integration: two inescapable components of our foreign policy". Regarding the Syrian situation, he added: "Italy has condemned and condemned the ongoing operation by Turkey. I did not give any approval to Ankara for the military offensive in Syria, indeed I wrote a very tough letter. I wanted to do it from years".

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