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Russia-Africa summit: delivery of Ka-52 helicopters to Egypt

An important meeting for the collaboration between the two countries - VIDEO

Today, Russia has begun talks with Egypt for deliveries of Ka-52 weapons and combat helicopters for "Mistral" assault ships.

News that comes from the head of the federal service for military and technical cooperation Dmitry Shugayev in view of the opening of the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi (23-24 October) which declared: "We have a fairly important collaboration with Cairo. Moscow is setting up agreements to grant its air defense systems".

The Moscow-Cairo summit, co-chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Egyptian head of State Abdel Fattah al-Sisi foresees the participation of the leaders of all 54 African countries. Eight important associations and integration organizations also participate in the event.

Kamov Ka-50 is a twin-wing rotary attack machine with two counter-rotating three-blade coaxial rotors. Developed in the former Soviet Union in the early 1980s, it entered service with the Russian Federation Army in 1995. In the late 1990s, Kamov and Israel Aircraft Industries jointly developed a two-seater derived version called Kamov Ka-50 -2 Erdogan, with the aim of starting its acquisition by Turkey. Kamov also presented another two-seat variant called "Alligator" (codename Nato "Hokum B"), designed for all-weather use and with the cabin capable of protecting pilots from weapons up to 23 mm in size.

Below, a video on the Ka-52 aircraft:

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