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Chile: 20 people died and 1600 wounded

Tear gas and hydrants on protesters - VIDEO

According to reports from the National Human Rights Institute of Chile, during the protests in the South American Presidential Republic, more than 20 people lost their lives and 1600 protesters were injured. The riots came on as a result of the increase in underground fares, which took place in a context of low wages, an exponential increase in the cost of drugs, health insurance, electricity bills and school fees.

About 4364 people were arrested during the protests, including 479 minors, and two officers were also rushed to the hospital with serious facial burns for molotov cocktails.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera cancelled the increase in metro tickets and announced a series of social support measures. However, disputes in the Country are continuing unabated.

Today, Chilean Special Security Forces used hydrants and tear gas on the demonstrators:

Below, a video about the situation in Chile:

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