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USA: unacceptable to hold back the nuclear inspector

For Iran it was positive for traces of uranium, a worried EU

Today Jackie Wolcott, the United States representative at the United Nations office in Vienna and ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) during an emergency meeting of the organization's council with the governors of 35 Nations has declared that Iran carried out an "outrageous provocation" in detaining an inspector of the IAEA in charge of nuclear checks. The woman added: "All members of the council must know that such actions are completely unacceptable, will not be tolerated and must have consequences".

The European Union and the United States have expressed concern: for the first time Tehran has prevented a nuclear manager from carrying out his work and has seized his documents. Nothing similar would have happened since the Vienna agreement with the major world powers was concluded in 2015. Iran has stated that the detention was due to the fact that the controller would have been positive for traces of explosives. "We understand that the misunderstanding has been resolved and we ask Tehran to make sure that such incidents do not occur in the future", the EU said in a statement.

Director-General IAEA Cornel Feruta convened the meeting today to discuss both the incident and Iran's inability to provide a convincing explanation for the origin of some uranium traces found on a site in the Islamic Republic.

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