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Syria: Russian air strikes kill at least three people

The joint Moscow-Ankara operation continues

Today at least three civilians have died as a result of Russian air raids in Syria in the Idlib region. According to the National observatory for Human Rights in Syria (Sohr), 4389 people have been killed since last April, including 1120 civilians. Already on November 6 some fighters had bombed a pediatric hospital in the same area.

Since November 5, the second joint military patrol of Turkey and Russia in northern Syria has been started as foreseen by the pact signed by Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin in October in Sochi to end Ankara's attacks on Kurds. Erdogan stated that Turkey "will continue to fight in Syria and Iraq until even a single terrorist remains" and has accused the US of having continued patrols with Kurdish militias.

Yesterday, William Roebuck, US deputy special envoy to Syria for the coalition against Isis, in a letter sent to several US State Department officials criticized US President Donald Trump's administration for failing to do more to prevent the offensive Turkish military in October and says that the fighters supported by Turkey have carried out "war crimes and ethnic cleansing". Thesis also supported by international activists and NGOs according to which the assurances of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the US Vice-President Mike Pence would not be matched with reality (see AVIONEWS).

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