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Paola De Micheli comments on Alitalia

Statements by the Italian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

The Italian Infrastructure and Transport Minister (MIT) Paola De Micheli said about Alitalia: "The decision is in the hands of the Mise (Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Ed.) But I believe that there has been time to understand. The story has been going on for months. Now we are there and it is necessary to have certainty about how the consortium that will carry out the relaunch will be composed. I was opposed to the merger between FS and Anas and I said it to those responsible. My task now is to do in so that everything proceeds in the best way. The choices are measured always and only on the basis of the results and this will be my way of proceeding.We are fielding a system of measuring the results. We will evaluate the sites, the resources, the times, putting aside opinions. This maneuver is a miracle. We had the 'Papeete tax' inherited from Salvini of 23 billions. We avoided it by supporting and expanding all measures to push new jobs, by innovating investments, infrastructure, building and facades bonuses, the housing plan, 4.0 industry. We have avoided increasing the VAT and we do not accept lessons from those who had foreseen the increase. The youth issue is very evident for all of us and the subject of work for the Democratic Party is of course the guiding star. Now that we have drawn the maneuver we can concentrate on fighting the fact that only 45% of Italians work. I would like everyone to understand how important it is to solve people's problems instead of talking to them. Sometimes Italians think we live on Mars. And sometimes they are also right".

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