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Australia: planes and helicopters to extinguish the flames

More than 70 active fires, 3 deaths and 150 homes destroyed - VIDEO

Today more than 70 fires are igniting the east coast of Australia. Several helicopters and airplanes are involved in the extinguishing activity and while the flames are destroying several houses and Sydney is shrouded in smoke, the authorities fear they will not be able to keep the fire under control until next week. The country is gripped by an adverse combination of strong winds and high temperatures which makes any intervention difficult. The flames killed three people and incinerated more than 150 homes from this weekend and a state of emergency was issued today by the authorities: in South Turramurra, residents were advised to seek shelter far from their homes. In the small town of Wauchopei, the inhabitants had to move hundreds of cattle for a few kilometers.

The use of fire-fighting aircraft is a system by which combustion diffusion is combated in inaccessible areas to be reached by land. The foam is not released directly onto the flames as it happens with water, but is used to create an obstacle that blocks its proliferation.

Usually, in the case of forest fires, these liquids are diluted in water, to which dye is added to make the areas where one has already intervened immediately recognizable.

Below, a video of a firefighting aircraft in Australia:

RC3 - 1225747

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency