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Turkey: S-400 tests started with F-16 aircraft

The program continues despite US threats

Today, Turkey will test the Russian S-400 systems on schedule, despite US pressure. Turkish F-16 warplanes will fly over the capital Ankara to test its new missile defenses both today and tomorrow. Washington has always stated that the platforms pose a danger to Lockheed Martin's US F-35 stealth fighter jets and threatened sanctions after suspending Turkey from the F-35 program.

Turkey has started to receive the S-400s since last July but they are not operational yet and during the meetings between US President Donald Trump and his counterpart Erdogan the theme has always been placed at the center of the debates (see AVIONEWS), but the position of the Turkish leader in Ankara has never changed (see AVIONEWS), even in the face of the American sale offer of the US defense facilities "Patriot" to replace the S-400.

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