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USA: further sanctions against Iran, new nuclear agreement needed

Trump invites France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and China to a plan

American President Donald Trump has made it known that he will impose new sanctions on Iran, in response to the missiles launched Tuesday night by Tehran on two American bases in Iraq (see AVIONEWS) but has not threatened other attacks such as the one that killed General Soleimani (see AVIONEWS).

The US leader has asked NATO to increase its commitment to the Middle East, and has invited France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and China to abandon what remains of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear agreement or global joint plan, PACG - see AVIONEWS) to open up to a new agreement on atomic weapons.

Even if Iran has expressed a willingness to avoid the war with the declarations of the foreign minister Zarif who said that the retaliation had ended, it will clearly be very difficult to restart the negotiations. Furthermore, the move to impose further sanctions on a country already economically on its knees due to those already existing (see AVIONEWS) would seem to contradict the desire to launch a new nuclear agreement: in November the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had activate the plant Fordow after the United States intensified penalties for Iran and cut oil sales by more than 80%.

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