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US-China truce: consequences for Europe and emerging countries

Could we find squeezed between two fronts?

After the US-China agreement (see AVIONEWS), analysts fear that the ghost of tariffs will move to Europe or emerging countries. Sylvain Broyer, chief economist of the rating agency "Standard and Poor's", said: "the agreement with Beijing can create a short-term deterrent, but it is only a step. Trade tensions could change the scenery and Europe could find yourself squeezed between the two fronts".

Europe is already faced with the burden of penalties imposed by the United States for the dispute between the giant aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

Fears that also involve emerging countries such as Vietnam (already threatened by Trump in 2019 with customs sanctions if it did not reduce the trade deficit); Thailand that is growing economically or Brazil and all those States that had benefited from the Washington-Beijing trade war due to exports of products to China.

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