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Russia: sub-millimeter radars to intercept small drone

They could have spotted the UAV that hit the Saudi oil tankers

Russia is developing sub-millimeter radars capable of intercepting small drones. According to the production company RTI (Radio Technical and Information Systems - see AVIONEWS) the product will enter the market within 5 years. The new radars operate in the terahertz frequency range. According to the CEO Pavel Laptayev,  the technology allows to send signals on many small targets with precision and to identify their shape, material, speed and trajectory. "Creating a prototype takes time to refine the information decoding tools", said Laptayev.

Small remotely piloted aircraft are considered a serious threat because they can go unnoticed by conventional radars, especially when flying at low altitude. On September 2019 some small drones armed with explosives hit the Aramco oil plants in Saudi Arabia causing devastating repercussions on the crude market with an unprecedented jump in prices due to the loss of production of 5.7 million barrels of oil per day (see AVIONEWS).

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