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Syria: Iranian cargo plane and Syrian helicopter shot down

The first hit by jihadist terrorists, the second by Israel

According to "Sputnik", a Syrian Army helicopter was shot down in the province of Aleppo which resulted in the death of all the crewmen. The attack was carried out by terrorists who launched an anti-aircraft missile between Kabtan Al-Djabal and Darat Izza, Turkey's control base. The aircraft was on a combat mission against the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra. It is the second rotary wing aircraft lost by the Syrian armed forces in three days. Another unit was shot down on Tuesday by the rebels backed by Ankara.

Meanwhile, four Iranian pasdarans have been killed in the past few hours following a raid attributed to Israel which hit the Damascus airport area. A cargo plane destroyed with weapons and equipment on board probably destined for Iranian troops in Syria and the Lebanese pro-Iranian Hezbollah. Among the victims, three Syrian government soldiers.

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