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Russia deploys 2nd super-radar in the Kaliningrad exclave

Over-the-horizon, it can track mass take-off of combat aircraft, launch of cruise and hypersonic missiles

It is the new generation Konteiner radar, which together with the twin installed in the Volga area last December, will control Europe, including the United Kingdom

A Russian Defense source reported to the press that "in the short term" the next-generation Konteiner (or Conteiner) radar will be installed in the Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea, an over-the-horizon capable of tracking the launch of cruise and hypersonic missiles at a maximum distance of 3000 km. Together with the twin deployed last December 1st in the Volga area, more precisely in the Russian Republic of Mordovia, it will cover the entire European territory including the United Kingdom. "The data from the two systems will be combined to increase their accuracy", the source added it. Based on the principle of receiving radio signals reflected by the ionosphere, they are capable of tracking the take-off of mass combat aircraft, the launch of cruise missiles or hypersonic weapons at great distances.

The over-the-horizon radar, in fact, can detect targets at very long distances, generally from hundreds to thousands of kilometers, beyond its own horizon, which is the distance limit for a normal radar. Among the Moscow's future plans include the installation of other Konteiner stations in the Arctic region, which would complement its existing rapid missile alert system consisting of Voronezh-type radar stations, also designed to track ballistic missile launches towards Russian territory.

Mikhail Petrov, one of the Konteiner designers, declared last December that with this radar: "Airplanes made with stealth technology are not invisible to us: we see them the same, we accompany them, we identify them about 3 thousand kilometers from our borders" .

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