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Pandemic: reductions in American airline companies

The US does not escape the crisis, and cuts and layoffs start from airlines, industries and satellite activities

We already know about the measures taken worldwide for the pandemic emergency, the air transport industry is suffering, and satellite activities, on a global level, and even America does not escape the crisis due to the reduction of the demand for transport plane, decreased by 95%. Despite the optimistic "visions" by President Trump, businesses are also running for cover in the area with stars and stripes.

Spirit AeroSystems, for example, one of the largest aircraft structural component manufacturers, recently said that in response to the drop in production rates of the two aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus, it will lay off 1,450 workers in Kansas. Boeing itself announced last week that 16,000 seats were cut, equal to 10% of its total workers. And the CEO of the industry, Dave Calhoun, said: "it will take two to three years for travel to return to the levels of 2019, and after this it will take a few more years, to allow the sector to return to growth trends long-term".

Also recently, the carriers Delta and United Airlines had announced that they had reported their first quarterly losses in over five years. Indeed, Delta had stated that it did not expect air travel to resume for two or three years, and over 37,000 company employees volunteered to take unpaid leave. United instead launches a plan that could lead to the dismissal of a third of its 12,250 pilots from next October 1st. General Electric, which will cut ten thousand jobs, will also add to this bleak picture: a substantial scissors between retirements and layoffs globally, after the reduction of 2600 units in the aviation sector has already taken place. The goal is to cut 25% of its workforce, or approximately 13,000 employees. The US multinational, twenty-sixth in the world in terms of turnover, also produces aircraft engines for both Arbus and Boeing.

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