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Russia tests new missile for Tu-22M3M aircraft

Confidentiality about hypersonic armament, which will be ready with a variant of the strategic bomber / GALLERY

Unofficial Russian sources, not confirmed by the Tupolev industry, inform in these hours that the Russian Air Forces have recently tested a new hypersonic missile intended for an enhanced version of the strategic bomber Tu-22M3M. Referring to the source, the Russian news agency "TASS" reports today that the new armament project began years ago and the completion of the testing phase should be concomitant with the end of the update on an unknown number of units of the military aircraft model. The Tu-22M3M is already a modification of the Tu-22M3, with greater combat capabilities. This variant has new NK-32-02 engines, avionics modernized with the SVP-24-22 pointing system, NV-45 radar, more modern instrumentation and latest generation air-surface missiles.

However, there is the utmost reserve on the hypersonic weapon. Of course the sources have reported only that it does not belong to the X-32 (or KH-32) family, supersonic cruise missiles with a range of 600-1000 km, since 2016 among the armaments with which the Tu-22M3M is equipped. It must be said, according to the hypothesis, that it could belong to the family of one of the last two hypersonic missiles designed to arm the planes, developed in order of time by the Russian defense industry, or the Kinzhal (developed airborne ballistic missile to arm the MiG-31BM interceptors, specially modified for the air-surface role), or (according to the Russian press), it could be the variant of a second armament whose name and characteristics are still unknown, also this hypersonic, developed for the Su-57 fifth generation fighter.

Photo gallery Roll-out of the Tupolev Tu-22M3M Tu-22M3M
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