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Helicopters: Mil Mi-8 of the Russian Air Force crashed

The 3 soldiers in training flight over the Moscow region have died

It was the Russian Ministry of Defense itself that informed about the details of the accident that occurred yesterday to a Mi Mi-8 helicopter of the Air Force, crashed while carrying out a training flight over the Moscow region with 3 people on board, all dead. Taking off from the Klin air base, the aircraft crashed about 20 km away "in a desolate place, at 20:00 on May 19th".

"According to preliminary data, the accident may have been caused by a technical failure", added the ministry. There was no ammunition on board and the helicopter was not armed, instead he informed the team sent to the place by the Air Force's High Command. The three soldiers died from the injuries sustained and the aircraft was destroyed. Fortunately, there was no damage at the ground, to people or things. Vox populi wants the crew to report a failure on board before attempting an emergency landing, which proved fatal. So much so that the military investigative bodies seem to have opened a criminal case pursuant to article 351 of the national penal code (violation of the flight rules of military aircraft, resulting in the death of a person through negligence).

The Mi-8 is a multi-role transport and attack helicopter, biturbine and with a five-blade rotor, developed in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. Made in over 17 thousand units in different variants, it is among the most produced rotary wing machines in the world, and is used in over 50 Countries.

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