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Russia will test the heavy launcher Angara as early as next Autumn

The latest enhanced variant will be tested -VIDEO

According to what the Russian aviation authority writes today, the national space agency Roscosmos could start flight tests of the Angara heavy transport missile -in the model higher than the A5 variant- as early as this Autumn, and more generally the phases of test is expected to be concluded in 2021-2022. The head of the agency Dmitry Rogozin made it known yesterday in an interview. "If all goes as planned -he added-, we will start series production in 2023". Angara is a family of developing launch vectors designed to place heavy payloads in orbit. It will provide a lifting capacity similar to that of Proton, which it is intended to replace.

The latest variant is currently being developed at the State Center for Space Production and Research "Khrunichev" in Moscow. The rocket will be launched primarily from the Pleseck cosmodrome in order to reduce Russia's dependence on the Bajkonur Cosmodrome, now owned by the independent Republic of Kazakhstan, from where all Russian rockets of the current generation are currently launched. Either way, the heavy Angara will be launched by both Pleseck and Baikonur. The launcher will also put an end to the need to buy Zenit rockets from Ukraine.

This enhanced variant should be capable of placing payloads between 45 and 175 tons in orbit.

Below, Angara A5 in a computer generated movie:

red - 1229850

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