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Canada could still use old rescue planes

Coronavirus slowed down production and delivery of new models

Long tentacles of Covid-19 manage to wrap and crush all industrial sectors. Royal Canadian Air Force is forced to employ its old rescue aircraft because of the pandemic. The health crisis, in fact, delayed the production of new planes and it's better rely on the current ones that already have 50 years of work behind them. Delivery of the replacement Canadairs is seriously delayed and to understand how particular the situation is, it can be remembered that the first of the new CC-295 built by Airbus is still in Spain. After half a century of operation, the "older" models would be ready for retirement and will have to wait a bit more.

They are used for the rescue and recovery of citizens in difficulty in inaccessible areas which are difficult to reach by other means, therefore it is easy to understand how useful they are and how important it is that they function perfectly. Canadian Air Force will have to rely, among others, on 6 de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo, high-wing transport twin-engine aircraft, and on 7 Hercules. First CC-295 is destined to remain in Iberian territory at least until next autumn, then we will try to understand how to speed up times. The government of the North American country is accustomed to handling 10,000 emergency calls each year, usually of provincial competence: planes in service for fifty years can still make an effort, but no more than one.

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