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B-747 aircraft still use old floppy disks

They are used to update the databases -VIDEO

Many generations certainly cannot forget it even if it is obsolete to say the least. Floppy disk has positively marked the history of computers and today it is obviously useless. As in every area, however, there are exceptions, such as that of the Boeing 747/400 aircraft. Peculiarity emerged during a video interview carried out by the company specialized in security Pen Test Partners. Airplanes of this type are about to retire (see also the article published by AVIONEWS) and there was a unique opportunity to get on board to understand exactly how they work. This Boeing belongs to the British Airways fleet and the interviewers immediately noticed the loader of the air navigation databases.

In practice, it emerged that the updates take place using an old floppy, an operation that must be repeated every 28 days. B-747/400 airplanes like the one in this UK investigation were first manufactured in the 1990s, and such technology caused a worldwide sensation in 2020. An interesting question from Pen Test Partners also concerned the possible scheduled flight hacking, and the pilots explained how there were only attempts with no concrete results.

Below, the video interview:

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency