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Celera 500L, "bullet plane" for private flights, unveiled after years

There have been many rumors and hypotheses since 2017

A lot of noise, but not for anything: after years of mystery and hypotheses (some, to be honest, rambling), Celera 500L, a bullet-shaped plane sighted for the first time in 2017, was revealed. It is undoubtedly unusual, even if it had long been understood that the construction company was called Otto Aviation based in California. In the last few hours, a website dedicated to the aircraft has been created, with a series of information aimed to clarifying any controversial aspect. There were 31 test flights, all successfully completed and Celera 500L was defined as “the most fuel efficient aircraft”. It's a private airplane for direct connections to US, with speeds and costs similar to those of commercial flights.

Furthermore, the novelty presented by Otto Aviation could be capable of serving almost any American city without the need of refuelling. The structure is aerodynamic and the power required for take-off and cruising speeds is really reduced. Cabin lacks natural light but is still spacious enough at 1.88 meters in height: then there are six first-class posts with customizable configuration.

Engine used in this case is a Red A03, a diesel version for V12 four-stroke aircraft. The prospect is to let many families rent Celera 500L to travel at competitive costs, even if it will take yet more years to perfect the business (there's optimism about 2023).

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