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Could Trump's nuclear weapon be a space plane?

Latest statements by American president are controversial

A very powerful weapon, secret and never seen before: one of the 18 interviews given by American President Donald Trump (read also the article published by AVIONEWS) to the journalist Bob Woodward, aroused a certain sensation because of this sensational revelation that made think of a nuclear device of enormous power. Hypotheses have been running around since the first minutes following the diffusion of the audio and one of those that is having the most credit has to do with the so-called "spaceplane". It is a special aircraft that combine characteristics of a normal aircraft with those of a spacecraft.

Attention was focused on the device called X37-B, a project that Washington and Boeing have been working on for some time. It is a remote-controlled weapon that is often confused with a spaceship, with a flight capacity of over 700 hours. The invisibility to radar would make it even more strategic and dangerous: the most accredited rumors have referred to four aircraft of this type that the United States already has, but the entire project is still shrouded in mystery. If everything were to be confirmed, Trump would not have anticipated anything anyway, given that there is talk of the spaceplane in question even on Wikipedia.

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