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Navalny, poisoning wouldn't have happened at the airport

Russian activist has just begun to breathe independently

An intricate story that perhaps begins to become clearer. Poisoning of Russian activist Alexei Navalny caused a sensation all over the world and the photo of the man who woke up in the hospital after the worst was feared led to further investigate the story. According to what was reported in these hours by the team that supports the politician, illness was accused at Tomsk international airport, but this was not the place of the attempt on his life; Navalny had to board a plane and a cup of tea drunk in a bar of the Russian airport was thought to be the actual moment of the poisoning (a photo also circulated in this regard).

Colleagues of the anti-corruption fund who are alongside the activist in his political battles have chosen Instagram to reconstruct the matter in a different way; nerve agent ingested and which caused the coma would have been contained within a bottle of water offered by the hotel in which he was staying before leaving. Evident traces of the neurotoxin were present in the hotel room, so material perpetrators of the poisoning could now be better traced.

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