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On-line video with Chinese planes simulating an attack on Guam

These are military aircraft with nuclear capabilities -VIDEO

In last few hours, an online video circulated with images of Chinese military planes involved in a simulated attack on a base on the island of Guam. These are Xian H-6 bombers of Asian country air force and the air base should be that of Andersen, to be precise in Pacific area. This video was viewed for the first time two days ago, Saturday 19 September 2020, and after many hours the controversy does not subside. In fact, images were made known in the same moments when Beijing was training militarily near Taiwan, another source of considerable concern.

Guam is home ofmain military facilities of the United States and the fact that Chinese H-6s have nuclear capabilities is not at all reassuring. Video lasts about two minutes and is characterized by a rather impressive and solemn background music, as if it were a movie trailer; you can see the bombers taking off and the title of the movie is equally telling, "The God of War H-6 Goes on the Attack". The aircraft of the Asian nation were designed for the first time in the fifties of the last century; its first model was able to drop a 20 kiloton bomb.

Below, the video of the Chinese simulated attack:

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