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Planes. UAE ready to review restrictions on Nigerian visas

Tension between the two countries lasts from August

After about a month and a half, tension between United Arab Emirates and Nigeria could ease: in August, Asian nation was forced to specify the reasons for the travel ban imposed on citizens of the African country. Nigerian media reported some restrictions imposed on the passengers in question, with the official reason for blocking the issuance of visas. Unless there are any last-minute hitches, just today, Tuesday 22 September 2020, Dubai is expected to review visa restrictions.

The situation had a particular drift, given that the government of Nigeria has in turn banned Emirates Airlines from landings and take-offs on the runways of Lagos and Abuja airports. The carrier then undertook to dialogue with the African executive, ensuring a rapid resolution of the problem; such a friction is not convenient for both nations. Indeed, Nigeria is the third largest tourism market for Emirates, so the blockade could not last long. In this long month and a half, the debate has literally flared up on the various social networks. Nigerian users reported on episodes they experienced firsthand, not forgetting the statements of a travel agency that brought up the documents of African citizens and the sudden interruption of tourist visas.

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