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Putin suggests international treaty against weapons in space

His answer came after American and British accusations

No weapons in space and no threat of the use of force: these are the goals that the treaty promoted by Russia in these hours which involves the most important space powers involved (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about it at the UN general assembly, underlining the importance of an international agreement capable of definitively banning armaments. The speech is not accidental, given that Putin responded in this way to the accusations made by United States and United Kingdom that Moscow would like to test space weapons over the next few years.

Putin's speech was released via a video and also referred to chemical, biological and toxic weapons that should be reduced through other treaties. The concern about the Russian behavior increased last July, when the test of an alleged weapon launched by the Cosmos 2543 satellite was announced. In that case there was also the detection of the speed (200 meters per second), in addition to the clarification about the proximity of this Russian satellite to another American in low orbit.

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency