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Israel (2), successfully tested new sea-to-sea missiles

Enhanced precision and longer range are main advantages

A test conducted successfully: these are the conclusions made public today, Friday 25 September 2020, by a spokesman for defense forces of Israel commenting on the operation that involved a new sea-to-sea missile system. The test in question was carried out jointly by the country's navy and the ministry of defense; as reported in these hours, it was the launch of a rocket against a fictitious target ship, in order to carry out a simulated attack against a possible enemy ship. Tel Aviv trusts a lot in these missiles, so much so that the announced goal is that of a progressive enhancement of the Israeli navy, in addition to the naval superiority that must be maintained over the years.

System tested today, a few hours from the start of the second lokdown for the Nation (read also the article published by AVIONEWS), was designed and developed by Iai (Israel Aerospace Industries); the advantages are soon said, the offensive precision is much more advanced than other rockets, the range is longer and the equipment has been improved to be able to avoid even the most dangerous threats that may arise. Which ships will be equipped with these rockets? The defense forces have made it known how the Sa'ar 5 and Sa'ar 6 class corvettes will be able to exploit the system first and shortly.

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