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Military plane crashed in Ukraine, latest updates

26 victims after the accident of last Friday

Three days ago, on Friday 25 September 2020, an Ukrainian Air Force Antonov An-26Sh plane crashed in the Kharkiv region while it was finalizing the landing phase. The number of victims is 26, to be precise some cadets of a national academy and military crewmembers. According to latest updates of these hours, military aircraft was near the Chuhuiv air base and caught fire so suddenly that it unfortunately left no way out for the people on board. Initially, in addition to the deaths, there were also two injured in critical conditions, but one of these died a few hours later.

An-26 is a twin-engine turboprop produced from 1969 to 1986 in Kiev; some data are also circulating regarding the aircraft in question, namely ten accidents in which it was "protagonist" from 2017 to today, including the tragedy of 2018, when 39 people died following a landing attempt in Syrian territory. "Ukraine has lost 26 of its sons" President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Facebook, declaring a day of national mourning. The most accredited hypothesis is that of an engine failure, given that the failure would have been reported seven minutes before the disaster, so much so that the pilot would have asked for an emergency landing. The An-26 in question was built in 1977 and, according to the statements of the defense ministry, could travel without problems for another three years without the need for substantial overhauls.

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