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The great rise of polyurethane in air transport

Foam is used more and more frequently in components

Microcellular polyurethane: this seems to be the future of air transport components, in particular as regards aircraft interiors. A very recent report by Allied Market Research has highlighted how this foam is and will be increasingly used in various sectors, primarily for gaskets, wheels and tires in the coming years. The market has been carefully scrutinized, both high and low density foams; the focus went in the direction of the main applications, with the automotive and aerospace sectors playing a predominant role. Growth is emblematic, but the excessively volatile prices of raw materials negatively affect raw materials, curbing an even more pronounced expansion.

The division specializing in low-density is the one that represents the largest slice of the market: the 2018 share was 25% and should maintain its leadership position in the coming years as well. Growth is set to accelerate in the aerospace sector at a faster pace in 2026, largely thanks to 3D technology and future layering capabilities. The automotive sector is no exception, able to understand the potential of microcellular polyurethane foam in unsuspected times, not to mention construction and medicine that are approaching with ever greater conviction.

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