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US cargo carriers will have to return 630 million

Request came from one of the congressional committees

American Congress committee that manages the superintendence of aid related to Covid-19 was very clear in recent hours in addressing four cargo carriers. Companies in question will have to repay the federal aid received for a total of 630 million dollars as soon as possible. The reason? Unlike passenger transport, cargo is in better economic conditions and seems to be expanding rapidly, which is why there is no need for the support of the stars and stripes taxpayers (see also the article published by AVIONEWS).

The airlines involved are Atlas Air, Kalitta Air, Western Global Airlines and Amerijet International, all consulted to justify receiving aid despite the good financial results of recent months. The funds being discussed, as reported by the committee, were to be used to avert layoffs during the pandemic and not "to ensure unexpected gains for companies that are in good health". Therefore no half terms were used to ask for the restitution of the 630 million; in the United States we are talking above all about the Atlas Air case. This carrier, in fact, used federal aid to increase the paycheck of employees (+10% to be precise), a measure that concerned pilots last May.

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