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Construction of a new Daxing airport area approved

The Beijing airport was inaugurated just over a year ago

After more than a month, it's time to talk about the Beijing-Daxing International Airport (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). After the choice of this airport of Asian country by an important carrier such as American Airlines, in fact, this time it is discussed in relation to an expansion of the infrastructure. We are talking about the new protected area of the international airport which has been approved by the local government: news of it was received yesterday, on Tuesday November 24, 2020, when a press conference was organized for the occasion. It is an area of 4.35 square kilometers and which will be divided into two parts: the first will be the actual airport, while the other will deal with logistics, international trade and other activities.

Construction has just begun, but Beijing has not gone out of balance at all with the numbers and forecasts as regards the completion of the construction site. Last September, Daxing celebrated its first year of life with record and impressive figures. In just twelve months, the Asian port totaled 39 thousand tons of goods and mail handled (see AVIONEWS). The same goes for passengers; 10 million travellers have been exceeded after returning to post-quarantine operations. In practice, it is as if the entire population of the cities of Lima, Jakarta or Kinshasa had passed through this infrastructure in a very short time.

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