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Chinese Chang'e-5 probe is ready to reach the Moon

Launch dates back to last November 24th

The event may not be of the same historical significance as the unforgettable July 21st, 1969, but the landing of the Chinese Chang'e-5 probe on the Moon will be equally exciting. As reported by the media of the Asian country, the landing on the satellite is imminent, before the research and sampling of materials and rocks. It will be a “soft” landing, as the technicians of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center (BACC) in Beijing defined it. At 4:40 am (local time) of today, Monday November 30, 2020, there was the separation of the spacecraft from the orbiter and therefore all that remains is to wait for the moment on which the same BACC has been focusing attention for some time.

Launch dates back to last November 24 and the mission has been defined in no uncertain terms as one of the "most complicated and demanding in Chinese aerospace history". Beijing is preparing to tag along with Washington and Moscow as regards the Nations capable of reaching the Moon and carrying out research such as that described above on the ground. The operation of the probe has been defined as “optimal” by the technicians and all communication is normal for the moment. The orbiter is destined to remain in orbit about 200 kilometers from the satellite's surface before the so-called "rendezvous" and return to Earth. In recent days there has also been a lot of talk about the first orbital correction, a procedure that was made necessary by practice, since it guaranteed a more precise trajectory than the theoretical one before reaching the Moon.

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