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Second orbital correction for Chinese Chang'e-5

It is bringing the collected lunar material to Earth

The second orbital correction has also been completed: the return to Earth of the Chinese Chang'e-5 probe is getting closer, as confirmed by this maneuver made known in the last hours by China national space administration (CNSA). We are talking about the second correction in the transfer orbit from the Moon; the satellite was the target of this important mission which involved the collection of materials and samples of the lunar soil, something that had not happened for four decades. The maneuver was completed shortly after 9:00 am today (Beijing time), Wednesday 16 December 2020: the two motors of the orbiting and re-entry module remained on for eight seconds. The spacecraft is bringing dust and other material to Earth that will be of great interest to the study of the Moon. The separation of the re-entry module from the orbiting one has not yet been precisely placed from a temporal point of view, the same CNSA has limited itself to saying that it will happen "at the right time". The landing will take place, as planned for some time now (read AVIONEWS) in an internal area of Mongolia, to be precise in Siziwang.

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