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Chinese spacecraft reaches 12 million km from Mars

Tianwen-1 spacecraft was launched in July

Not only the Moon: China is demonstrating that it has a growing interest in aerospace and it is no coincidence that the mission that involved Chang'e-5 probe in recent weeks is being experienced with some emotion after its landing and is returning to Earth to bring back the soil samples taken from our satellite. Mars is the new target of Asian country. A bit like Elon Musk is doing, Beijing looks with admiration at the "red planet", as another probe is destined to reach this part of the universe. We are talking about the Tianwen-1 which is now more than 100 million kilometers from our planet and which has reached 12 million kilometers from Mars.

The information was disclosed by CNSA (China National Space Administration): the spacecraft has been in space for 144 days and the exact moment of arrival can already be predicted. Tianwen-1 will have to be 190 million km from Earth before contact can be made official. Why Mars? The launch dates back to last July and since then the Asian probe has taken a series of important and precious photographs of the Earth and the moon, not to mention those that have been jokingly dubbed “selfies” by scientists. Several orbital corrections will be needed and entry into the Martian orbit should take place in the middle of next February.

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