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Russia improves new Udar robotic system

Autonomy in movements and interaction with drones

Russian Udar robotic system continues to make great strides: latest prototype announced by Moscow should be able to guarantee autonomous movements and an even more precise interaction with drones. The indiscretion was revealed to local media by Bekkhan Ozdoyev, industrial director at the state company Rostec. The development was handled by the Signal All-Russian Scientific Research Institute and the specialists focused precisely on autonomy as the main aspect of the project. In practice, this vehicle is able to integrate a subsystem based on sensors and measuring devices; on the basis of the data that are received, then, the path of the robot itself is planned, taking into due consideration the characteristics of each terrain and the assignment parameters concerning the combat. To develop robotic vehicles of this type, Russian institute normally uses a principle of unified robotics which involves the application of existing models of military hardware with a range of equipment. The interaction with the drones, then, is the other feature that was pointed out by Ozdoyev, as already mentioned. In this case, interoperability has been deepened in every detail and the aircraft involved can become decisive for further reconnaissance and new transmissions of radio control channels.

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